Water Temperatures On The Rise

Water temperatures are on the rise as we enter the month of May, giving hope to many anglers that this spring season will be one for the books. Temperatures have been on a steady increase this past week, hovering around sixty degrees―and as a result―the fish are definitely biting up a storm! The past few years have not been very kind to us fisherman, the temperatures shooting up before the lure even has a chance to break the water’s surface.  But if those ocean waters continue this gradual warm up, it could mean a very active and rewarding month of fishing for all of us.

In the smaller scope of inshore fishing, we are seeing a substantial rise in flounder activity along the coast of Destin, with a significant increase in the number of reported keeper fish being caught in the past week alone. If you have never caught a flounder and it sounds intimidating, don’t worry about it! Here at Destin Inshore Charters, our knowledgeable and experienced crew has got you covered! We have the gear and the know how to help you reel in a lunker.

Unlike many other types of fish, it is actually possible to track a flounder and follow their path almost as if you were hunting. Flounder usually tend to stay really close to the ocean floor, which disturbs the sand and causes it to billow up around the flounder as it moves. This makes it really easy for even the most casual fisherman to spot the distinct pattern and follow the tracks until eventually a flounder is found!

Although finding a flounder and catching a flounder are two very different stories, these spoiled fish don’t respond much unless you are using live bait. That is why we are here. So come on down to Destin Inshore and tell us you want to catch your very first flounder, we will set you up and take you out along the coast on one of our two beautiful 25ft boats. If the waters warming up it means the air is warming up too, so bring plenty of water and plenty of sunblock. When you are out on the water, the shady spots are few and far between!

Summer is coming up fast, so be sure to plan ahead and book your appointment early. The schedule is going to fill up quick.

See y’all on the water!

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