Summer Fishing

Kids are going from over-stuffed backpacks and piles of homework to fun with the family at the beach or the lake―as school cools down and comes to an end, the water here at Destin Inshore Charters is just warming up (literally).

With an average high of eighty-seven degrees in June, what better place is there to get a little sun and first fishing experience than over here with our helpful and enthusiastic staff? This time of the year sees a big rise in the catching of redfish and black snappers and, even though rarer for these hotter temperatures, the occasional flounder finds its way over to our inshore fishing charters located directly on the Choctawhatchee Bay.

So come on over and let’s give those kids a well-needed reward for working so hard during the school year―join us on our newly-offered Inshore Bay-Kid Trips! Estimated to be about two to three hours in length, the purpose of these trips is to get the kids familiarized with not only the idea of fishing and catching fish on the seaside such as the redfish, speckled trout, black drum, or red or black snappers, but also with the feeling of being on a boat (and getting over that initial seasickness!) and how to handle hooking that first catch!

Our highly qualified staff is eager to help educate and familiarize your children (and even you, if you need a little refresher!) with the redfish, black snappers, and flounders and how to best and safely catch them. So slap on a bunch of sunblock and come on over to enjoy the warmer waters with the fish.

Go ahead and book your appointment soon, as spots fill up quickly. Let’s start the summer right!

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