The Red Drum

One of the more popular fish you’re likely to catch if you join us here at Destin Inshore Charters this month is the populous and readily-caught red drum.

Known as the channel bass, spot-tail bass, bull red, puppy drum or just plain reds, the red drum is a fish of many names. However, it is most commonly referred to by locals in the Destin and Panama City area as the red fish. Located on the Choctawhatchee Bay, we usually find our reds in the shallow grass flats and points and baited with our light tackle, live shrimp on popping corks and on-slip leads. Widespread in its range, the availability of the redfish (found anywhere in the coastal area of the southeast where the food is plenty) is what makes it one of the most popular and easy fish to catch for even a beginner fisherman.

Named after the “drumming” sound they make when taken out of the water, red fish caught in Florida have been found to reach lengths of 45 inches and can weigh as much as 51 pounds. The world record held for the largest red drum was caught off of the coast of North Carolina in 1984 and weighed almost 94 pounds!

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