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Inshore Bay Fishing

Our most popular trip is our half-day, 4-hour trip. These trips consist of inshore fishing around docks, bridges, oyster beds, grass flats and other structures. Live bait is the most common method used here. We use light-tackle spinning rods that are versatile and easy for anyone to use.

Our favorite fishing trip is our half-day, 6-hour trip. This trip allows us to cover a lot more fishing spots. Time flies when you’re having fun on the water. Therefore, this trip allows a little more playtime!

Whether you fish 75 days a year or just want to have fun with the family, fishing the calm backwater of the Choctawhatchee Bay is a perfect fit. Inshore fishing is great for first timers and those who are weary about getting seasick.

Night Fishing

Late afternoon and night trips are not considered by most since they are later in the day and can interrupt dinner plans. They are easily over looked and not given the credit they deserve! These trips allow you to beat the heat and fish in cooler weather right at sunset and even after the sun goes down. As most people believe the best bite is early morning, the late afternoon bite can hold its own as well! We play the tides and usually start out catching the afternoon bull red bite as the tide goes out and then finish up the last part of the trip completely at night around lighted-up docks. We will dock hop different structures such as bridges, docks, and oyster beds. You will be able to see the speckled trout and red fish take off with your bait and give you instant gratification. Fish on!! This trip is awesome for kids as well!

Inshore Gulf Fishing

Be sure to ask about our near-shore Gulf fishing! These trips are weather dependent and take place a couple miles off the beach. You will still be close enough to see land the whole time. Our most common type of fishing will be bottom fishing for Red Snappers, Vermillion Snappers, White Snappers, Triggerfish, and occasional Grouper and Amberjack. We also offer inshore trolling for King Mackerels, Spanish Mackerels, Bonito, occasional Black Fin Tuna and Sailfish.

**With the laws the way they are right now the red snapper sizes are abnormal size from years past. The average snapper we catch in close range is from 8-10lbs with a few 15-18lbs fish being caught. We use light tackle for them. Young children can use these rod and reels much easier than heavy conventional tackle. For the more experienced angler to test his or her skills, we also have ultra light tackle that is sure to give anyone a big thrill.

We like to do a lot of chumming to get the fish right up under the boat for some awesome in-your-face bites that you can see!

All fishing trips include Licenses, Bait, Tackle, Ice, and Fishing cleaning.

For the kids

We offer a special 2-3 hour kid fishing trip. This trip is designed especially with kids in mind; our goal on these trips is to show the kids how to fish while teaching them the proper technics and boat safety. We target whatever is biting the best at that particular time of year. This type of trip is great for very young kids that have never been on a fishing trip.

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